“I look forward to the day when schools have all they need, and the Airforce has to hold a bakesale to buy bombers,” words written by a friend on a photograph of he left as a gift to us a little over a year ago. My roommates decided to post it on our refrigerator while I was away at DYA. I have seen it on the frig a number of times, but tonight was the first time I actually read the words and allowed them creep into my imagination.

What a dream, a real upside down kind of dream.
(Browse and/or study the Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2010 at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Overview/)

Tonight his dream resonates deeply within me as I think about the impact our national priorities are having upon the public school system throughout the USA, thousands of people who are fighting or have family and friends fighting on behalf of their country, and those who know the terror of a bomber & gun better than any person should… my soul cries out for peace and for the USA to study war no more.

Children who are entering into first or second grade this year only “know” a country at war.  We have been at war for over 6 years, and some of us have the privilege of forgetting while others are keenly aware of this harsh reality both in the USA and in Iraq & Afghanistan. We all need to remember. For the good of the nations, we must not forget.

People are dying.

Terror is being nurtured, if we acknowledge it or not.

It is a complicated situation, I know.

Answers I do not have.  The ideas rolling around in my head I have yet the courage or words to dare speak.

It leaves me restless, longing and seeking folks to conspire with.

There has got to be another way.

Tonight, however, the words of my old friend whom I miss dearly keep coming to mind as I close my eyes to dream yet another night until morning…

“I look forward to a day when schools have all they need and the Airforce has to hold a bakesale to buy bombers.”

where I got to remember, when I forget

where I go to remember and be re-membered