Ciona's Birthday Collage

1:25 am, I caught my 4th wind and decided to make a late night run to gather up and create birthday surprises for my sister, Ciona.  Around 3:15 am, I pulled out my ipod to check the time and gasped.

What in the world!?

First of all, a single woman wandering around from all night store to all night store in Nashville is probably not the smartest move to make. Secondly, I could not believe 1:25 am had become 3:15 am, it had not even felt like an hour had passed.

Loving and being loved by a person(s) can move you to do some pretty unreasonable things. It can also create moments of excitement and wonder, making an hour feel like minutes.

I am thankful a little girl named Ciona took her very first breath 30 years ago today. She was the best gift my parents ever shared with me. The friendship and space Love has created between us, has more than enough times to remember been a means of life-giving energy and inspiration.  No wonder I was out in the early morning fetching birthday surprises, not caring about the amount of time the creative search was taking. Now about 8:15 am in the morning after our 7 am spin class, I may be singing a different tune but right now this is my song. 🙂

Hopefully this will not be the last night I act foolishly and work for a significant amount of time and not get weary.

Tonight was fun.

Love pulled something out of me, and I want Love to draw from within me acts of love and peace that reflect the way of One I love and have been loved by since I breathed my first breath 31 years ago.