I have not been silent this week because I do not have anything to say.

No, I have been silent this week because my life has been filled with the sound of deadlines, packing up the home before the evening of August 1, trying to catch up with new and old friends about ministry, physical appointment with the doctor, renewing my tags for the car (on my way there in a minute), while also trying to meet a curriculum deadline that is upon me. The sounds around me have been so loud, and turning them down for even a second has been difficult.

Ah… for a few minutes, while the roommates are still sleeping and the coffee is brewing, there is silence.

This week has been a week of wishing I could clap things into existence personally, socially and politically within our global community. 

Although it is truly a time of chaos, there has been this strange sense of peace and calm within me.

Tired, yes.

Overwhelmed, a bit.

However, I know that throughout the day my friends from church and from living life will be here to help clap some things into existence, the words will continue to flow for the curriculum, moving will be 1/3 as bad as it could be because I am purging myself of at least 2/3 of my things (blog for another day, maybe next week), and we will get out of this house and in a new one in a couple of weeks. This is not as good as it gets.

Oh well, I am off to live this day. The coffee is brewed, there is a bit of stirring in the rooms down the hall and the emissions test is calling.