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I am commited. I am going to do.

Yes, after I completed my prayer walk/run this morning at Centennial Park, I decided I would commit wholeheartedly to running in the Race for the Cure 5k on October 10 in Brentwood. It will be my first race ever. I can only imagine how rich, amzing and challenging the preparation days will be. I do not consider myself a runner, but for the first time in a couple of years I am really inspired to get out there and run for something I believe in.

Over two years ago two women a love and am in community with were diagnosed with brest cancer. They are survivors. In sharing small parts of that journey with them and their family, I told myself I would one day hit the streets and run a race in their honor and in honor of the 1,000s of strong women who have lived & died of breast cancer.

Almost every Sunday in church I glimpse from a far another beautiful strong woman I love who cancer has forced it’s way into her story. Her strength, determination, faith, and will to keep keepin’ on inspires me, as well and Joseph who continues to make his way into my prayers.

On October 10 I will be joining hundreds of other people who are running for something they believe in and hope for. I cannot wait to share an early morning run with them.

If you would like to sponsor my run, you can send me an email at I am looking for sponors, hoping to contribute the suggested $100 towards the cause. Thanks.