God has surrounded me with some of the coolest young people I know.  They are creative, full of spirit, fun, intelligent, compassionate and willing to do the work of figuring out what it means to be a young follower of Christ in the 21st century.

I love it.

In July, a young lady I know turned 17 years old and decided to have a party. She and her mom talked about what celebrating her 17th year of life needed to look like this year, and they came up with a brilliant idea that reflected so well the experiences, questions, realizations, and reflections she had during her 17th year of life.

They decided to invite her friends over, and then take them to Target where they would be given $17 and 17 minutes to complete a shopping challenge. The challenge was to purchase items at least one item for Second Harvest, at least one back to school item for the children of the Golden Triangle Fellowship and a “secret santa” gift for someone at the party.

How cool is that?

They shared a flavorable meal at a local resturant, made their way to the new yogurt spot and then shared their gifts with each other at the close of the night.  I saw the pictures a couple of days after the party and I could not help but smile and say, “That’s what I am talking about. Another way is possible. It is time to get created and allow our experiences, learnings and relationships give birth to new ways of living & being in the world.”

Is this the only way to celebrate… No. Is it the best way to celebrate… possibly not.

Is this another way of celebrating the life we have been given that is exciting, creative and reflective of a God-given imagination… YES!

What new ways of celebrating have you experienced? Take a second and share. There is nothing like a good testimony to spark the imgination.