Downtown Nashville

Sunday is here and the new week is greeting me with one “big shivers down your spine” kiss this morning.


If you have not already figured it out, fall is my favorite season and I fall in love with Nashville more & more during the fall days. Looking out from my pillow to the red, burnt orange, green, brown and yellow magic, that is my backyard, draws me further into Nashville’s arms.


Yesterday youth and adults from BUMC and White House UMC shared our a monthly Creative Play Day. Oh my goodnes, we could not have asked for better weather. God definitely put a smile upon our faces before heading out to the apartments. You could tell by the 70 degree weather at 10 am in the morning, we were going to have some fun.  

Large numbers allow us to divided into two groups and receive love from & offer love to more children and youth in the community.
What a day to play and be outside with new & old friends. I had not been to one of the apartments in months, so it was so good to reconnect with children I had not played with or talked to since Mission Nashville. They are so smart, full of life and fun. Even my little mischievous friend is calming down and maturing as he grows, without loosing his fireball curious spirit. 

Through their laughter, sharing of new things they have learned, surprise handcrafted gifts & drawings given, gifts & words like “I’ve missed you”, hearing about their struggles, answering their questions to me honestly “How are you?”, catching Thiengi’s good-bye kiss being blown as we depart, hearing Aum share a new math trick her teacher taught her, challenge to think outside of myself for awhile… the list goes on and on… I have tasted and seen the Lord, is good.

The taste and what is seen is different for everyone present, and is a little different each time we are together, but for the most part I think we would all see it is good.

I love the places Christ has invited, made a way for and welcomes me. As in any relationship it takes work. At times it makes me laugh until tears run down my face and other times it breaks my heart. There are nights when I sleep is not my friend as my questions only lead to more questions that only lead to more questions of my God, and I fight sleep all night. There are other nights when faith in God rocks me to sleep, every now and then tasting the peace which passes all understanding.   

I love the Christ I meet in the young people of Nashville & White House on a daily basis.

Deeper and deeper in love, which is both delightful and makes me a bit anxious. Experience with love has taught me, that when you open yourself up to love you are opening yourself up for a wrecking. 

I am thankful.

I am alive.

May you tap into the well of life and love around you. It comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and origins. Drink a cup… taste and see it is good.

May you experience aliveness today.