Yesterday I found myself once again on the long road that connects our two daily realities.

As I drove, I thought of the 5 joyous spirits who filled my car on December 19, so tickled about seeing The Princess and the Frog movie together. For 2 of us it was our first time seeing a Disney princess on screen who looked like us; and for the other 3 little ones (4, 6 and 7) who giggled and chatted all the way to the Green Hills theater, it was the first time they had ever been to the movies at all.

As we drove down one of the long roads that connect our two daily realities, we noticed the many million dollar homes decorated with elegance and wonder for the Christmas season. The children awed at each house decked out with white lights. “Awesome” was the word of the hour.

We reached one home along the road that was larger than most of the homes on the block and one could tell they invested lots of money in the appearance of their home for this season. Spectacular.
As we passed one of the children proclaimed with conviction from the backseat, “Either they are really rich . . . or it’s a church.”