Around 11 am this morning the snow began to really fall in Hillsboro Village. In no time little voices giggled from the playground outside of my office window, as the children of the preschool came out to enjoy the first snow of 2010.


After about 15-minutes or so, I looked out and saw my friend’s son- a little boy who can bring a smile to my face by simply saying my name – on the playground taking it all in. I grabbed my camera, mobile phone, called my friend and headed downstairs with hopes of sharing in the magical moment with him & his peers. Once I had permission from his mother and the preschool, I made my way out to the playground and followed him. I am sure I annoyed his little free independent spirit, but he humored me for a few minutes.


It was so fun. I got to meet his classmates, have a few snowballs thrown at me, take a few photographs of the little boy who always brings a smile to my heart and enjoy the magic of the moment.

As I played with the children & teachers, watched the children absolutely taken by it all, and felt the wet flakes upon my uncovered head, it was hard to believe the snow could do anything but offer life.