I am a fan of coffee shops.

I have had the privilege of traveling to many cities in the USA and the world, and wherever I go I look for the local coffee shop.

There is much you can learn about a city, it’s people and flavor at the coffee shop- especially if it is locally owned. May favorites are Fido (Nashville, TN), The Living Room (San Diego), Cafe Pap (Kampala, Uganda), Starbucks in the Leeds city centre near Borders and almost any coffee shop in NYC or Dublin (I really heart NYC & Dublin).

I have pages and pages in my journals describing coffee shop experiences along the journey. It is very rare that I leave a coffee shop without connecting with at least one person, hearing a story and being reminded of how uniquely beautiful creation is.

Conversations… I really love coffee shop conversations. The freedom, grace, laughter, tears, intimacy, education, beauty, creativity, inspiration, belonging, and delight they often bring to my life. Each one a bit different. Each one something keeps me coming back.

I also like the feeling of being all alone in a crowded room when I need it, I tend to need it more often than not.

I like the fact, at Fido, all are welcome for the most part. Even those who cannot afford the cup or have on the next best Nashville trend, and believe me I have been that person a time or two and shared a meal with a few, are welcome.

When there is art filling the space, even better. Fido always has art filling the space.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little album of one place I consider to be “my spot” and the new discoveries & old jewels I walk into over the next year.