I was so blessed by the offering.

After worship someone asked me out of curiosity & thanksgiving for their offering, “What would the youth have built the service upon if there had not been a flood?” I replied in unison with Ciona, “The Scripture, like they did on their own today.”

Usually I get a chance to …see or hear the sermons & written prayers before they are offered, but the events of this week and my own growth as a pastor with these youth made 8:15 am the first time I heard the sermonettes and 10:30 am the first time I heard the prayer KT and Jackson shaped for our congregation for this particular morning.

I was comforted, challenged and encouraged as the youth allowed the Scripture (Luke 24:13-35) and the question, “What word would God have me offer this particular congregation at this particular time from this text?” give life & breath to their words.

May God grant me.. us… the grace, wisdom and courage to ask the questions, wrestle and live into the answers with them.

Church is people. People who live a certain way in the world. People who have authority in the world, but authority that comes from breaking themselves open and pouring themselves out so that the world will be healed.” Rob Bell