I thanked someone for being kind to a friend, who is like family, this morning over breakfast.

His tone had a hint of frustration as he bitterly said, “What are you thanking me for?! That had nothing to do with you, nothing! I was nice to her because of The Great Spirit working within ME. That ain’t you Chocolate, that ain’t you.”

I was truly taken back by his response. It has taken me a a couple of conversations to get use to his nonchalant attitude at times, politically incorrect language, race infused nicknames and his less than flattering comments about the Faith I have chosen to shape my life.

We have constantly been on the verge of parting ways for good, and I think the sentiment goes both ways though I think he laughs more about things than I do. I am a bit too serious… Nothing new.

Close to giving him some lip for what on the surface was a jerky way to respond to a simple sentiment… I paused, thought about it for a few seconds, and knowing how little we know about each I said “You’re right.”

He does not really know me, has no reason to be loyal to me and could really care less who I want him to be nice or kind to.

His kindness to my friend had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the God in him and the people & experiences that have shaped him… I tend to think God had a hand or two in that shaping as well.  I was actually shocked that he even acknowledge the possibility of that, because he has been busting on faith and organized religion since our first talk.

He talks.

I  listen and then I talk.

He listens for a bit and then starts in again.

I listen… catching the contradictions, raw truth, understandable questions, few- very few- common story threads and paradoxes.

It is all intriguing.


So “Thank you, God,” because we would have gotten in a rumble this morning if he had been anything but respectful and kind to Rubs.

To be sure.

Plus, reminders are always welcomed. Another one for the book.