There is a lot of gray in life.

I am daily growing to be more comfortable living, seeing and breathing in this space.

A work in progress.

As I grow and choose to dwell in the gray, there are particular situations I just cannot see and comprehend initially without my black & white lenses. Instinctively my black & whites replace the others, throwing me off balance as they come off and on.  It becomes difficult for me to find other lenses by which the situation can begin to make sense in my heart, psyche and imagination.  The room between what is right and what is wrong… what is truth and what is fiction… what is is said and what is done… seems so incredibly thin.

The breathing air is real thick. Every breath, every sigh equals pain and discomfort.

Thank Goodness that when sighs are too deep for words

It may take weeks, even years, before I can see it through anything other than my black & whites… to be free.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”– Lewis B. Smedes