“Sometimes I feel like I have a cut-flower faith. It looks nice for a while but its beauty seems impossible to sustain as its vitality keeps fading. Do you ever feel like that?

Often, when I find myself on the fading side of this cycle, I come to an awareness that my relationship with God has needed some tending. Prayer is usually one of the first of the spiritual disciplines to go when we have gotten too busy, too noisy, or just lost sight of the Lord. And prayer is our way back to communing with God and living life in His presence again.

Pastor Jim Thomas of The Village Chapel

Th0se were the first two paragraphs of an invitation I received via email today from The Village Chapel, inviting those connected in some way to the worship community to join them for 1 of the 3 guided prayer services they offered this summer. Not sure how I missed the first 2, but I will definitely not miss the one tonight.

Timing is everything we like to say and I guess that is true. This email invite from one of my friends in ministry and mentors from a far was right on time.  It was a mass email, but at such a time as this in life I felt as though it was an personal invite to me.

Since my time in Malawi, South AFrica and sharing in the Pray With Africa movement, prayer has truly become “like breath and water”. Daily it becomes a source for life.

It has become a need.

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading a book titled, Touch:Pressing Against the Wounds of a Broken World alongside the Gospel of Luke and Jeremiah. Before checking my email I read 3 pages of the book.  It has been a slow read, as I have desperately longed for God to touch me with each word… breaking apart, molding, breaking, shaping, breaking, molding, shaping, breaking….

The final paragraph I read before finishing my cup of coffee and turning on the computer where an invitation of grace was awaiting me was:

“If we’re committed to following the example of Christ in compassion for needy people, we should also follow His example in recharging our souls daily and on retreats. That’s not optional. It’s standard equipment for a life of love. Burnout is inevitable if we try to keep going when our spiritual and emotional batteries are dead.”

Rudy Rasmus

As we go about our days loving and caring for all of God’s creation in however we are nudged or stirred, may we all receive time to be loved by the One who calls us beloved and say yes to the invitation of grace to be still and know.