Sipping on my last cuppa Fido for a month.

Sweetness to the tongue.

I am savoring each sip, smile, “what’s up lanecia” and ounce of what I call “the village” flava.


Literally it means ceasing… resting from work, taking a break, usually lasting from two months to a year. Sabbatical, like Sabbath, is receiving the gift of time in an intentional way that points us back towards the heart of our Creator. It is often a time of being still and remembering, prayer, play, healing, restoration, discernment, and/or REST. Most try to get away from home, because it is so hard to stop (though not impossible) when you are surrounded by all things and patterns familiar.

Today begins my Sabbatical journey, which is why this is my last cuppa Fido for a month.

I will be here, there and everywhere but am making a conscious decision to break away from my daily routines…

No Facebook, no hanging out at coffee shops that I usually frequent, no checking work email, no ignoring or compressing my emotional & spiritual needs, no avoiding dealing with some hard questions, no being okay with asking God to help me love others well while failing to ask God to help me love myself well and I have even put the digital camera down for the month (beside a few photography sessions I may or may not choose to do)… picking up the film camera for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

Friends, I am ready. My cup is finished and it’s time to go.

First time for everything, right?

Here we go…