“I didn’t notice the blue bird until she took flight. Her color blended into the branches, and she was small and unremarkable in the midst of the forest scene. But when she spread her iridescent blue wings and darted through the air, my heart flew with her. Three other blue birds followed, taking flight through the woods that now seemed lovelier for their beautiful presence….

… All of us have some stunning shade of blue in our hearts that could add to the beauty in this world and light the path of fellow travelers.” Becca Stevens, Walking Bible Study: The Path of Love

We need love, we really do.  Looking around in every direction, including inwardly, it is not difficult to see the need for love.

I am not talking about that “I love your shoes! I love that car! I love that house” kind of crap, I am talking about 1 Corinthians 13 kind of stuff… Agape (which is not to be mistaken for Eros).

My hosts, friends and sister & brother in Christ this week- Rudy and Juanita – have pointed me towards opportunities and have helped me remember Truth that was planted within me since I gasped for my first breath out of my mother’s womb and held in the palm of my father’s hands.  I am starting to remember that we all desperately need to be immersed in a love that is patient, kind, hopeful, trusting and steadfast.

A love that does not delight in evil, but rejoices with what is real. It does not envy but encourages you to be the beautiful beloved you were created to be. It is not rude, but welcomes you.

It is not self-centered or easily angered, but looking outward and seeks to understand.

A love that does not keep record of every little wrong doing, but moves toward healing, forgiveness and ways that will help you embrace the life that has been given as gift.

We all long for a love that never fails. One that will not let us go and will give birth to some beautiful stuff. The kind of stuff that removes nails of addiction, self-loathing, abuse, hatred, greed, and all the other things that we give the power to hold us down and bring us closer to death or dragging us, individually and/or collectively, through hell on the regular. Love gives birth to the reality of new possibilities potential, healing, resurrection… life.

Since Saturday I have been invited into, embraced by and connected to a community whose whole ethos is “just love.” Actually there is nothing “just” about it. It is an ethos that is amazingly contagious, life-wrecking, make your heart dance, inspirational, challenging and life-giving. It’s love, realized and soaked up as people fight by God’s grace to not let go of Love’s grip daily.

As I listen to their stories, am cared for by them, sit next to them, pray with them, and all the other mundane tasks of daily living, I see that there is an intentionality to love we often forget. This intentionality will not come without some risk, may bring out nails we never expected to come our way and it may draw us into some relationships & places we never imagined before.

Love will wake us up, open our eyes, unlock the doors of our hearts, give birth to a joy like no other, and anoint our imaginations.

Love will and does throughout the globe, add to the beauty of the world and give light to the paths we are all walking.

Love will open us to the stunning shades of blue all around us and within.

It’s a beautiful thing.

How has love opened you up?

Where do you see stunning shades of blue around and within you?