My dad reminded me last week a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe this to be true and have many photographs I would not even think about framing with words, but this one needs the frame.

Saturday afternoon I received some time in Union Square in NYC (one of my favorite spots). As I stepped out off the last subway stair, I found myself lost in a pool of Christians walking the streets of NYC bearing public witness to NYC being a city where God belongs. People of all races, genders and ages from various churches in NYC early Saturday morning to unite with their steps. It was definitely a sight to see, one I had not seen for this particular purpose before.

A couple of hours later our paths crossed again in Time Square. Walking towards the red stairway to get my Alicia Keys on, I was feeling adventurous and bold in my own way, I realized my public witness was not going to happen. My brothers and sisters in Christ had beat me to the spot.

Instead of turning around in disappoint I decided the camera and I might be able to capture some Kodak moments, and oh did we.

As I stood listening to the “Jesus” chants and praise, I noticed a young man dressed in white and pink standing right in the center passing out brochures and posing for pictures. He was radiant, full of life and definitely captured your attention in the sea of black & white.

As I stood there, taking it all in, three young walkers who had not yet made it to the stairs happened to be standing beside me. When they saw the brother in the center doing his thing one of the girls said, “No he isn’t. Man, I am going to pray for you.” Though she may have thought the same thing about me or anyone else crossing her path as she walked, there was something in the tone of her voice that lead me to believe she thought this brother needed the saving grace of prayer more than any of the thousands of people filling the square.

I put the camera down, continuing to take it all in and be fully present in the moment.

Well about 5 minutes after her statement the group began to sing “Awesome God.” As they sung with joy and conviction… BEAUTIFUL… the man in pink & white joined the chorus, hand motions and all. He knew every word and sung with the same joy and conviction. He turned away from the Time Square audience, facing the choir and sung his heart out.

After the song was complete, he joined in their chant clapping his hands with a big smile on his face “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”