So, I have decided as I walk towards the manger this year, to take and post photographs that remind me of the power of the incarnation and challenge me to imagine ways of living in this particular cultural, sociological & political context that reflect the one I choose to follow.

Took this yesterday during a photography session break. The image captured my imagination and kicked off my journey towards the manger with some thoughts about borders, refuge and hospitality…

I believe the very nature of the incarnation is that God moves into the neighborhood and the neighborhood where they said nothing good could come. So I believe that it is a part of the countercultural call of the Gospel to move closer to suffering rather than away from it. It’s kind of the character of God and especially the God revealed in Jesus. We see Jesus entering into suffering, he’s born a refugee in the middle of Herod’s genocide and he knew pain and suffering and oppression well in Galilee and in Nazareth.

Shane Claiborne