God of hope, help me prepare the way for you in the wilderness of chaos. Give me strength, wisdom, and patience to clear a path for you through my cluttered heart and life. Amen

Prayer from The Uncluttered Heart devotional site by Beth Richardson. A good Advent online devotional for the season.


This year, more than any other Advent season, this prayer resonates deeply within.

Prepare the way of the Lord, John the Baptist commands, as you wait with longing, anticipation and hunger.

Actively prepare room that peace, hope, justice and LOVE may have room to be and be known in a very personal way.

My friend reminded me the other night Advent has traditionally been known as “Little Lent,” a time marked by increased prayer, fasting and offerings shaped by the ways of love exemplified in the life of Jesus as we prepare the way of the Lord.

Traditionally, like Easter, all great feasts  have been preceded by a time of fasting, which makes the feast itself more joyful and fills the heart with deep gratitude for the gift which has been given by God.

Advent– A season for fasting, praying and the sharing of offerings shaped by the ways of love we glimpse in Jesus Christ as we prepare for the feast.