“What do you call your grandmother?” she asked with the smile of a woman whose first grandchild was born last night.

I paused– Caught a bit off guard, I thought to myself the question should be “did” you call. It took me a few second. It took me a few seconds to remember and then I said “I called them grandma.”

We chatted a bit about her newly born grandson, what she wants to be called, what she does not want to be called and his name as slowly moved through the Fido line. She was delightful and shined with the joy of one embarking upon the journey of her dreams.

Right before she was ushered up for her order she turned to me and said, “I am going to buy your breakfast this morning.”

Again, she caught me off guard.

“Thank you,” I said still a bit speechless.

“You are welcome. I am just filled with love today. Thank you.”

After we ordered, I thanked her again and she said with a grin, “And the good news is you don’t have to sit with you, you are free.”

She and her daughter headed one way and I find a seat the other way. Once our plates arrived, she brought over my meal and said “Your waitress, lady.”

We laughed, she hugged me tight and said, “Be well, okay?”

Belly full.

Heart overwhelmed.

Mind remembering the love of two extremely generous women I call Grandma Lee and Grandmother Rouse. Women who gave freely, don’t remember there being any expectations.

Soul wondering…