Picture this…

“Merry Christmas! I pray your night has been well, and that today will be great. I am leaving the church now. We slept 17 homeless (mostly) immigrants last night here at UMCHCSH. We gave them coats for Christmas presents, thanks to some new friends in the Jewish community that we have bonded with. God has a blessed us to be blessing to these fine men, who are becoming my friends. They have such respect for God and the Padre, such respect.”

Part of a message I received Christmas morning from a Facebook friend in New York. It was drenched with Good News kind of stuff, just had to share.

What Christmas miracles and blessings did you experience this year? Do share. I know there are many out there of all sorts, I have about 20 or so from yesterday alone.  I love it!

May the blessing of being a blessing continue in the lives of others– bearing friendship, comfort, hope, joy and love (just to name a few)– as we journey with God, who is with us, each and every day.