“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

~ Maya Angelou

“Hey! I’ve noticed you’ve been having a good day from your status updates, what’s going on?” Her question was very similar to a text I got from a friend inquiring the same thing this morning.

With a huge smile still on my face from the time I had just received with my friend, Heather, I said with a giggle, “Nothing much. Just hanging out with some really cool inspiring people who make me think about life differently, inspire me and stuff. Just general good vibes all around lately.”

“Oh, that’s good. Just thought it might be your birthday or something.”

Ha, I love it!

No, it is just a case of joy on ordinary days and nothing beats that– NOTHING!

Nothing beats the joy of seeing and being seen by another, or receiving an invitation to a pottery painting night with a little bundle of sunshine for your monthly date.

Nothing beats the joy of naming the various ways life is pregnant with possibilities, imagining how to birth them into reality and in soaking up over coffee at your favorite spot truth shared by the Elis in your life as they tune your ears to more clearly listen for God’s voice.

Nothing beats the joy of sharing a gourmet grilled cheese lunch with people who have become family, bonded by the a thread of Love that runs deep through all of your veins.

Or further discovering that within close relationships that there is plenty of room for vulnerability, honesty, encouragement and messy stuff that pushes, challenges, breaks the heart, comforts as well as causes tears to flow.

Nothing beats the joy of being inspired by the art of creative souls around you in Hillsboro Village, and tapping into the artist within.

Joy on ordinary days is a blessing, and these days it is kind of like a birthday kind of deal for me.

There are still lots of questions, a few open wounds and a couple of unsettled situations to be sure, but praise God it hasn’t kept me from singing the past couple of days. This, my friends, is good news!