Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

I carry a heavy bag.

To be honest, I have carried a heavy bag of some sort since I can remember. My backpacks during my school days were always filled to the max and my purse, well let’s just say, Mary Poppins has nothing on me.

I usually travel with 3-day backpack gifted to me (kind of reminds me I do not journey alone), regardless of if the trip is an overnight or two-weeks and you better believe it is heavy. Even if I’ve packed “smart” with few things, I find some way to weigh it down.

Lots of comments about my bags, someone at some point of the day is going to find a way to point out the obvious or make a prediction about my back or shoulders. It use to really get to me, then I moved to slight annoyance and I have now learned to laugh and just keep it moving.

There is absolutely no denying it and the comments come honestly, my bags are freakin’ heavy and over packed.

I was blessed to receive time with a dear friend this afternoon. We talk about many things, and right before it was time to go I pulled out one of the heaviest bags I have been carrying around for months. I just started emptying it out, going through it piece by piece with my friend, filtering through it all to discern what I needed to leave out on the table to be discarded, what I needed to keep and what might just be in there for another season.

Talk about relief, it felt good. My friend was patient, honest, gracious and loving as I unloaded this crazy packed bag in the restaurant, as was the waiter.

Well, I could not leave all of the stuff on the table. I had to pick it back up, put it in the bag and take it with me until I found the right time and place to let go of what needed to go and put the other stuff in its rightful place.

This evening started off as a Coldplay evening at the Rouse House, but in no time old school Jennifer Knapp entered the sphere and the song below on repeat for about 2-hours as I began to empty the bag.



I took a cleaning break to write, say some prayers for dear friends speaking tomorrow, cry for bit, laugh even more and if I am honest, avoid letting go of some stuff that is hard to release because I have been carrying it with me for so long.

Crazy how we get so easily attached to things that weigh us down.

Ah– I better bring this entry to a not so poetic ending so I can get back to the necessary work before me this night. Tomorrow is a new day, a special day in the life of my church community and the story God is writing with the life given to me, and I desire and need to be rested.


“Free”, Taken January 2011 at a place of spiritual retreat, JOY, healing and inspiration for me

Peace, Jennifer Knapp

He is my Light and my Salvation
whom have i to fear
in His secret place i’ll hide and pray
that i might hear a simple word

o how i would have despaired
if You had not come found me there
i can lean against You throne and find my Peace
find my Peace
and when my enemies draw near
i pray that they will find
that i’m protected and secure
all tempests He will bind with a mighty word

o how i would have despaired
if You had not come found me there
i can lean against You throne and find my Peace
find my Peace

He is my Light and my Salvation whom have i to fear?

A glimpse of the Vision Board I created last week at the USN Evening Class on Vision Boarding