On each threshold, wisdom;

at every doorway, love;

through every entry, grace;

with each beginning, peace.

Jan L. Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection & Prayer

I started a new devotional book this morning gifted to me by a dear friend. The book was right on time and enters my life during a season where I an intentionally seeking to listen well to the voices of women who have lived life well. The first chapter journeys with Eve, the first woman of mentioned in the Bible. I look forward to stepping with Eve over the next few days, listening well and in new ways to Eve’s narrative. I have a feeling there is more to her than what I have be asked and been content to know.

It is a new day and season. I am ready to open the door and see what lies beyond the door. If you choose to step with me, please also join me in prayer and don’t hesitate to email a prayer request to me (sunshinepapier@gmail.com).

Here we go…

The book of our beginnings holds mysteries that go deeper than doctrine. Eve challenges us to look at where we have come from and to look again. She beckons us to consider how we tell our stories, how we participate in the making of them and the telling of them. Her story prompts us to reconsider our own stories, to question what we think we know about their contours and their meanings.

This is a story of original hunger. It invites us to trace the lines of our longings and where they have led us. It calls us to reckon with the ways we have hidden ourselves from the Holy and from one another. And in beckoning us to look back, it offers us the sustenance that will help us create the path ahead.

Jan L. Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection & Prayer