She walked in without a sound, tapped my bed and said, “I need you to put your feet flat on the floor please.”

I looked in wonder, a bit startled by her presence in my room as I pull my ear plugs out of my ear. Luther, a new show my sister suggested, will just
have to wait.

She walked over to the sink and wet a hand towel. Within seconds she was back at my bedside, kneeling at my feet.

The wet towel touched my stories and tired feet, washing them with grace and mercy as she prayed for my steps yet to come.

I watched in wonder and deep gratitude as she anointed them with a sweet fragrance that lingers minutes after her embrace and departure.

Surprised, Divinely surprised tonight and I give thanks for the unexpected interruptions that tend to our souls reminding us we belong to Love and Love will meet us in our very place of need.

This weekend has been amazing and Love has met me in my places of need, longing and confusion. I will rest tonight knowing I do not walk, run or glide alone. Tonight, as I ponder and prepare my heart for return tomorrow, this truth gives me peace, comfort and hope.