“Are you going to paint today?”

I turned around to see my little friend future 3rd grader friend, A, looking at me with eyes of hope, anticipation and readiness around 10am on a Wednesday morning. My morning had started at 7am and the list of “Things to Do” was growing by the second, however in that moment the list turned to nothingness and before I knew it I said, “Sure. Let’s get the materials out of my office. Follow me little man.”

When I opened the beautiful chaos that is my office at the moment he said, “Is this your art room.”

A few giggles and a big smile, “No, but it looks like it huh? I did not create this work, they are from artists who sleep here at night.”

“Are you an artist?”

“Well, yes friend I am.”

“I’m an artist too,” he said as though no one in the world could convince him otherwise. I LOVED it!

I gathered the materials and we headed to the common office space to set up our art table for the morning to create our masterpieces. Once we were settled he asked, “Were you an artist when you were a kid like me?”

“Yes, I guess I was. My mom would often create opportunities for my sister and me to do all kinds of creative things. Write songs, dance, draw, create our on plays, sing and imagine lots of cool things. So, I guess I was.”

“I love art a lot. My friend is teaching me how to paint. I am glad we are painting today. This is going to be fun.”

Big Big Big smile on my face and heart as this holy interruption became just the sacred pause I needed.  I love how when we fill up our days with “Things to Do,” not creating space to intentionally receive time with our Divine Creator, God finds ways to make us stop and do what is the most important thing.  This time, no matter how long or how it is received, offers life, rest, direction, healing, attitude check, focus and delight (the list goes on) as we walk with God.

My cup ran over with all kinds of goodness last Wednesday, but more than anything it was absolutely positively FUN! And we all need a little, if not a lot, of fun and joy in our day.