he walks.

he walks a lot, like marathon miles everyday.

he hardly ever sits, keeping it moving about campus taking the world in and letting the world know what he thinks regardless if the world cares to hear.

he is not to be interrupted and if he is on the go, really on the go… you best not stop him.

I made that mistake a few times this week, interrupting him to ask a question… he did not hesitate to remind me of my manners.

he worships with me on Sunday, you can get a glimpse of him at 2 or 3 of the services.

when it comes to watching my car he is the best

I swear somewhere in this huge city there is a spot filled with small tokens he has collected from people whose hearts he has captured.

he is loved by many. he happens to be the most intriguing person in my life these days. there is so much I want to know about him. Maybe one day I will crack the code, until then I will continue to dwell in mystery and receive whatever bits of information he is willing to reveal any given day.

every now and then, he will burst out in a dance or pose for a few photographs.

and when he smiles… it is so beautiful to me. And when my camera is in hand, there is going to be a picture taken if he is willing to pause for a minute or two and humor me.