Words and questions Trevor Hudson offered last night during worship I do not want to forget…

“Jesus invites us to live into these commandments (Matthew 22:34-40) because he knows we are created by Love, with love for LOVE. When we live into these commandments we are beginning to find our journey home again.

We come ALIVE again!

-Love God. Love neighbor.

-Allow God’s passionate desire for us to touch our lives. When we we allow this to enter into our lives, change happens.

-At the heart of the universe there is a blazing fire (LOVE!)

-Has that love ever touched your heart?

-We we hang in there through the dark times our love with God deepens. In that darkness God is whispering ‘Trust me, love me in the dark even when you don’t feel my presence.’

-Our deepest failures in life are failures in loving.”

Daily Prayer

Spirit of God, will you make the Love of God real for me this week? Amen.