For as long as I can remember, I did everything possible to avoid the rain. Most of it was for vanity reasons, but there was something about wet hair, clothes, shoes, etc. that just had me avoiding it like the plague.

I went for a jog/walk in the rain this morning, jogging more than I walked (accomplishment, friends:-).

As I jogged I listened to my new favorite song “umbrella” by Marie Digby. There are two people and a few experiences that always come to mind when I hear the song and I gave thanks for them as I jogged. I got tired pretty fast, and I heard words I often utter to a friend back in Houston often, “Keep pushing.”

As I pushed I also reflected upon life since the last SoulFeast, the ways God has provided umbrella shelter for me during some really heavy clouded storms, and if I had not kept pushing… If I had stopped… All of the good things I would have missed and not have received.

Needless to say my face was not only wet, but salty as the tears merged with the raindrops. Freedom and love never felt or tasted so good.