This week, as i quickly approach 5 months in this new season if life (vocation, location, discovery and being) in Houston, Texas, I have been pondering the concept of grace & unconditional acceptance on the regular.

Everyday I encounter and engage in conversation with someone who has surrendered to the lies of being worthless, unlovable, punished daily by God for harmful acts committed, not this or not that and/or unaccepted by God who invites ALL who are weary & heavy laden to come & find rest.

Everyday I encounter this in someone whom my path merges with if just for a few minutes, and/or myself. We cannot always remember who or what made us believe these lies, but when we look at how we choose to experience life and love ourselves we cannot deny how much power we have given the lies that hinder us from living, block transformation, keeps us from the gift of forgiveness, deny we are beloved and that we are & each day in the process of becoming.

Words often spoken within the faith community I have chosen to share life with are, “I love you, and there is nothing you can do about it.” Each time I receive or offer these words that speak truth to lies, I am overwhelmed and challenged by the vastness and strength of God’s love for us… for me, if just for a few seconds.

Something dies each time I hear those words and allow them to soak into my being, as well as is born. Each time I taste freedom, beauty, possibility and Divine Love, lowly but surely the lies become to taste bitter and I begin to long for the good sweet stuff.

Each taste reminds me that…

… “God’s idea of Grace is bigger than your idea of karma. ” ♥ Alan Cohen

… My need for God’s grace

… And to be consistent in my reflection of how my living (seeing, hearing, speaking and relating) expresses this good news to everyone I encounter each day, including myself and my surrender to God who is Love.