I greeted the morning with a couple of thoughts, and at the top was the question, “Alright November, what you got?’

October was quite a month for me. It was actually quite nice, some memories I will carry with me until I cannot remember. The moments that were not so sweet only help me further discover who I am and what I desire. It ended kind of bittersweet… body sick, heart heavy and yet my soul incredibly thankful for the moments that composed my October days.

Now it is November and as one who prefers writing the script instead of fully trusting the Writer of Writers to do the Love thing, but is trying to trust more and control less… all I wanted to know this 11-1-11 was, “Alright November, what you got?”

One of my Facebook friends immediately replied to my status, “It is full of family, friends and much thankfulness!”

I laughed a little out loud at the coffee shop and thought, “Heck, if that’s what November’s got for me BRING IT ON!”

I closed my computer and started searching through my circus of a purse for my debit card to pay for the tea and breakfast bread I had ordered. No luck! GREAT start November!

Went up to the counter and said to the Barista, “Hey, I left my card at home. I will run next door and be right back. So sorry.”

She immediately said, without hesitation, “No worries. I trust you. Just come back later today and pay.”


Then her offer was followed by the lady who had just ordered saying, “Please just let me pay for it.”


I replied, “Oh that is really okay, I will come back later and pay for it. Thank you both soooooo much.”

Sat prayerfully with my tea, breakfast bread, journal and photo editing program for about 45-minutes. Packed up and headed out the door to go get my card and return to pay. The Barista ran out behind me and said, “Hey lady, the lady behind you really wanted to pay for your treats and I decided to let her. 🙂 Have a good day lady.”

Needless to say, it was a good day and if this is a glimpse of what November holds… I am ready for it.