Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.

Julia Cameron

Kelly Rae Robert’s art and A Thousand Faces store in Nashville are some of my favorite things, so you can imagine the delight that filled my soul when I got to encounter both a little over a week ago. I was in Nashville for 20-hours and it was brilliant! The art, the familiar spots, the colors of Nashville’s fall, coffee time with some of my dearest friends… family, glimpses of the beauty bursting from my sis these days, lunch with Lucy Bella and solo early morning Fido time made for a very happy Lanecia. It was space to breathe… to remember… to be renewed… to connect… and to share the story God is writing these days with the life I’ve been given.

My time in Nashville also created space to realize a few things that back in March I had a difficult time believing would be possible, mostly around healing and letting go. Moments were created for me to name a few places within my heart that were no longer raw and open wounds. I was able to see how out of the ashes something beautiful can truly be born. It may take time for it to be actualized or to even see it, but pain does not last always… healing is possible.

I loved it because the moments gave me hope for the wounds that are still open and very raw. I loved it because out of the darkness, I am now bursting beautiful and tapping daily into the creative spirit within that has been struggling to fully bloom since I was in middle school (honestly, I can tell you the exact 7th grade moment when I started fighting it’s growth). I loved it because I now know that all of the things that composed paragraph one and two of this blog have made me who I am in this very moment and I am really starting to like her. I loved it because the darkness, as well as the joys, gave way to an opportunity to learn what unconditional love and acceptance… freedom in Christ really looks like and it has been one of the sweetest lessons I have been blessed to learn.