May I walk with Beauty before me.

May I walk with Beauty behind me.

May I walk with Beauty above me.

May I walk with Beauty below me.

May I walk with Beauty all around me.

As I walk the Beauty way.

-Navaho Prayer

What is this Beauty that the Navaho seek?

I learned of this prayer a little over two weeks ago, and I am been pondering this question numerous times throughout the day in the moments I still myself long enough to be fully present in the now.  Still pondering and trying to be with the answers I receive, mostly articulating them through my art. As I work it all out, however, I have found this written answer by Oriah to be helpful and inspiring:

It is what pulls us toward life. It is what calls to us when we despair, seduces us into opening again and again to the possibility of love and laughter. It is the physical manifestation of the Mystery that surrounds and beckons to us every day of our lives. It is the life that chooses life. The Navaho prayer expresses our soul’s desire to recognize and receive beauty, knowing that as we do so we become co-creators of this beauty, of that which urges, “Live.” (Pg. 71 of The Invitation)