“Look at that cup, Old School! What do you think?” I was so tickled with joy and delight in her creation. I remember the day she would not even give touching the clay a second thought, and now she is making one to two cups every time she sits at the pottery table.

“Well, you know… I think it’s alright. (brief pause) The bottom is a little uneven around the edges. It’s good though,” she replied with a convincing little smile.

Hearing the conversation Abbie, the pottery teacher, began to tell Old School ways with a little water, a sponge and time she could smooth edges and make them even. Old School listened and then she said, “Oh no. I like it like this, being that I made it. You know?”

Once again Old School unknowingly became a speaker of truth and grace into the life one who is a perfectionist in recovery, whose imperfections are often a source of deep sadness, insecurities, fear, avoidance… just to name a few unhelpful responses. Ha.

Her words echoed in my head all day long though… I like it like this being that I made it all.

What a beautiful day it will be when the words not only echo in the head, but in the living as well.

photograph from a pottery experience I participated in with The Art Project, Houston

All praise to the one who made it all, who made it all/All praises to the one who made it all and finds it beautiful

-Gungor, Crags and Clay