Every now and then I receive a minute to read the daily Inward/Outward emails. Most days I am moving way too fast to accomplish the “to do list” that I ignore all of my “to be invites” that I am graced with plenty of each day. I have definitely been in Martha mode lately, neglecting the Mary in me that knows receiving as many of those “to be invites” as possible is the most important thing for my mind, body, soul and work.

This morning was starting out same as usual, but the after sending one work email the email the words below were in caught my eye. So I decided to put the “to do list” down for another 3-hours and tend to my “to be invites” for awhile.


Thankful how Love refuses to let us go, daily seeking us out without fail.

Thankful for Love that daily invites me to rest awhile, be still, get to know the One I choose to follow, remember and breathe grace in that I might be healed.

Thankful Love provided me with just the the words I needed to receive this new day…

What Discipleship is All About
Robert Morneau

God’s table is large, as large as creation. All are invited, all are to have access to the necessity of food and the miracle of love. Both are essential to the fullness of life. Without food, the body languishes and dies; without love, our souls wither and are filled with despair. The many leftovers in our lives? What are they and who will get them? So many people can live off our leavings if we would only share. This is hardly sufficient. Disciples of Christ give abundantly in imitation of the master who gave His very self.

Source: Ashes to Easter