photo 1 (14)kindness paid me a visit at the park yesterday.

I had gone to pray and be still by the waters for awhile.  I sat in silence mostly not uttering a word, hoping Romans 8:26-27 to be true as well as knowing the things I don’t have the courage to yet risk speaking to God… I was still.

nothing is more beautiful than silence sometimes.

it was cleansing and before I knew it I became keenly aware of life around me, which was both a blessing and entry to a deep wound within my healing heart.  I was not there long before a little girl on her new bike and her caregiver, came up the path.  she saw the water and declared she would put her feet in the pond.

out of all the places she could sit along the pond, she chose to come very close to me.  without verbal invitation, she chose to be present with me.  I don’t know her name, but we had the best 15-minute visit.

we explored the wonders at the bottom of the pond and delighted in the dance of the birds as they bathed in the sunlight.  one moment, just when I could feel grief creeping up in my eyes, out of the blue she pinched my arm and giggled with the kindest smile.

she brought giggles to my healing heart.

it was a precious gift. photo 2 (15)

Love is patient, Love is kind.

1 Corinthians 13:4a