Consider the Birds:Provocative Guide of Birds in the Bible by Debbie Blue… is taking me on a journey friends.

Like this morning at the park… I
watched the pigeon’s dance while they ate. I figured it out and stood at a spot where I could feel them hovering over me during their move from the ground to the tree. It was awesome, such a cool experience.

30 or so pigeons hovered over me for a few seconds, I could feel the wind from the flapping of their wings just falling upon me and I got pooped on.

Pooped on! I laughed. First time ever Photographing birds I got pooped on, and it will not be the last.

I thought to myself, what’s Love trying to tell me. Then it hit me, you know, shit happens some times when we hang with the Spirit and walk step through this life. We get pooped on some times and we respond in the way we need to (I laughed today, but tomorrow I might have freaked out or been upset) and if we have the strength,

the necessary tools (I had sanitizer & tissue in my art bag that was with me),

if it doesn’t kill us (it fell on my hand… If it had been my hair… Um… Not sure how I would have handled it),

resources and


and courage

we wash it off and keep on moving at the pace we need to move.

I know I could have been popped on some more as I stood there and chances are I will get pooped on again one of these days as I continue my photographic journey with the birds, but I won’t stop. I’ll just free myself to respond to the shit however I need to, wash it off in time and keep on. Gosh, I cannot imagine missing out on the beauty of this adventure…