It it has been awhile since I’ve written. Lately I have been doing a lot of listening, pondering, seking, grieving & most of all sitting with my anger. However, today on the first day of July, I want to share this hope with you.

Here’s to hoping today is a day we…I…choose to tap into love–
allowing love to empower us to speak words (with our mouths & actions) that don’t kill, terrorize and/or deny the the humanity of another.
Here’s to hoping love will spark our individual & collective imaginations & compel us to do the work of dismantling all systems & walls that privilege one group of people over another/others. systems that rig the game & make it damn near impossible for us all to play– to LIVE, thrive & win.
Here’s to hoping that in the midst of all that pains, angers and grieves me today, that I will never loose my ability to see, name & believe that love is as strong as death & hate.

As a person I follow on Facebook, Ryan A. Hawthorne, wrote this morning, “Love deeply, vulnerably and righteously.” For the sake of our world & yourself. Love well today.