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I was reminded in the silence this morning, that flowers don’t compete or compare themselves to what’s around them… they just bloom.

flowers lean into the light & bloom to their fullest potential.

joy is found in surrendering fully to your own blooming… the process… and remembering we each have our own unique way of becoming. allow the journey to awaken & strengthen the soul.


When I open my eyes, there I find you

When I speak, does your love flow out

When I touch one in pain, do you heal them

When I am silent do you bathe me in joy.

-Jan Phillips

Galveston, Texas Thanksgiving morning 2011

Every now and then, I set this song on repeat on my ipod or pull up this youtube clip. Every now and then I have been known to pray along with the sweet tone of his face and raw honesty of his words. What begins a one-way conversation, quickly evolves into this two-way conversation where questions are being posed right back to me. I am left to sit with the questions, wrestle with the answers and by grace live into them as I enjoy each day of the life I am living.

After I preached on Sunday, the music leaders sung two songs during Holy Communion. Hosanna was the second song. As the music played and the voices were lifted around me, something old, familiar and sweet began to rise up within me.  I stood, on my own, and began to sing, sway and open my hands up as though I was reaching out for the Lord’s Table placed right before my seat. The words seemed to echo the message that had been placed upon my heart to share, and it was one of those moments I realized something greater is indeed at work in the world.

Immediately when I got home I purchased the song off of itunes. After that song downloaded, I found myself downloading other praise songs that had formed my early teen & young adult years along side the rich deep rooted treasures found in the blue UMC hymnal. I purchased about 8 songs on Sunday, way over my budget and I should be ashamed but I am not. Today as I work in my office I have nothing to offer but thanks for the opportunity to remember apart of my life’s story I love and am so appreciative of.

The songs move me. The music feeds me. The lyrics speak to me, and remind me of a deep love I have for God and the love God has for me & all creation.

I am thankful.

Since Sunday morning these lines have not left me, and join the words I pray with John Legend.

Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
 Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause


"Christianity is a way, not a state, and a Christian is never something one is, only something one can pray to become." W.H. Auden

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