Hello & Happy September!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but been doing some goal setting & planning and thought today was a good day to jump back in.

So, September 14 will mark one year since I left full time employment to focus all my attention & creative energy to building LAR Art Studio. Gosh time moves fast!
This week, I am taking time to reflect on the year & envisioning what crazy beautiful things the next year may hold. I am writing down the things to celebrate, the opportunities for growth, the losses, the gains, dream collaboration projects & my goals for year 2. Through this process I’m realizing that I’ve got so much to be thankful for.  I don’t know about your, but when I’m in the grind… going, going, going… I can sometimes miss the undeserved gifts I’ve receive along the way that provide just the fuel needed to fight for my dream another day.
When it’s all said & done, it has been a good first year for LAR Art Studio.  I am officially a creative living in Houston, TX. Everyday in some way my work includes photography, painting, mixed media, teaching, writing & speaking.

Studio 12 at Hardy & Nance Streets Studios is where my creativity often blooms.  Most days you will find me there sipping on a cup of coffee with music playing as I create work that reflects what life has revealed to me about healing, freedom, and beauty found in everyday experiences.  Acrylics, pastels, charcoal, paper, & encaustic wax are my mediums of choice. However, I am constantly learning new techniques to use in my work to tell the stories embedded in my heart.

Life has taught me that we all have creative potential and the need to encounter beauty. As an artist, I believe my call is to create opportunities for people to encounter beauty through the work of my hands & the spaces I cultivate for them to tap into their creativity.  This work fuels me and gives me so much life. It is such a delight to create art that draws people into spaces of vulnerability, hope, complexity and freedom.

I am incredibly thankful for the privilege to do this work and for the community partners,  supporters, and buyers who help me live this wild and precious life wholeheartedly. I anticipate with great joy what’s yet to come…


Check out LAR Art’s Studio at www.larartphotography.com